Understanding Your Tax Bill

Taxes are levied twice a year. Taxes are based upon Taxable Value (One mill equals $1 per $1,000 of Taxable Value).

The Taxable Value of your property is set by formula and the Township Assessor. It is reported to you annually by the Assessment Change Notice which is mailed to you in February.  If you do not agree with your assessment, you will need to submit a Board of Review request form to challenge the assessment. The Board of Review convenes in early March to hear such requests.

*NOTE:  If a tax bill has not been received and your taxes are not escrowed, please contact the Treasurer by phone at (269) 721-9709 ext. 201 or email: JohnstownTreas@mei.net.

If your taxes are paid by your mortgage company, you will receive a copy of your tax bill, marked "COPY."  It is still the property owners' responsibility to make sure the taxes due are paid on time.

According to the State of Michigan, failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a person from paying property taxes by the due date.