Winter Taxes

Winter tax bills are mailed by December 1st and payments must be received by February 14th of the following calendar year (please allow 7 days if mailing).  Any unpaid Summer taxes will appear on your Winter tax bill.  A 3% penalty will be applied to all payments received after the due date. 

*NOTE:  If a tax bill has not been received and your taxes are not escrowed, please contact the Treasurer by phone at (269) 721-9709 ext. 201 or email:

If your taxes are paid by your mortgage company, you will receive a copy of your tax bill, marked "COPY."  It is still the property owners' responsibility to make sure the taxes due are paid on time.

According to the State of Michigan, failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a person from paying property taxes by the due date.

Below is a list of taxes levied, as required by law, on the Winter tax bill:


  • County Services
    • 911
    • Barry County Transit
    • Charlton Park
    • Commission on Aging
    • Medical Care Facility
  • Township Operating Millage
  • Township Fire Operating Millage
  • Township Fire Equipment
  • Township Road Millage
  • Dowling Library
  • Other Voted Millages



  • Bristol Lake Channel Aquatic Plant Control
  • Clear Lake Aquatic Plant Control
  • Fine Lake Aquatic Plant Control
  • Mill Lake Aquatic Plant Control
  • Sleepy Hollow Drive Paving
  • Walnut Ridge Paving
  • Willow Cove Paving



  • Butler Lake Drain
  • Clear Lake Drain
  • Fine View Drain


If you have a question as to how millage funds will be used, please contact the administrative offices at the appropriate school district or organization.